AC Power Solutions

Arga Controls – Battery Monitors & Transducers
Arteche – Instrument Transformers – LV & MV Indoor/Outdoor
Bally – Modular Control Buildings
California Turbo, Inc. – Transformer Cooling Fans, Blowers & Vault Ventilation
Concast – Fibercrete Trench Systems & Mounting Pads
Eagle Eye – Battery Testers and On-Line Monitors
EMC – Pole Line Hardware and Service Pedestals
Hitachi T&D Solutions – HV Power Circuit Breakers, GIS, GMCB, Large Power and Phase-shifting Transformers
Howard Lighting – Fixtures, Lamps, Ballasts, including latest generation of LED Technology
inoLECT – Remote Racking of LV & MV Circuit Breakers
Kelvion – Power Transformer Heat Exchanger Cooling Systems
La Marche Manufacturing – Battery Chargers, DC Power Systems & Inverters
Modular Connections – Concrete & Steel Integrated Buildings
Morpac Industries – Disconnect Switches
Moser-Glaser – Buss bar systems; transformer and wall bushings
PACS Switchgear – MV Metalclad & Arc-Resistant Switchgear
Pfiffner – Instrument Transformers above 72kV – CTs, VTs, CCVTs
Power Systems Integrity, Inc. – Phase Identification, Capacitor Control & Network Monitor
Powerline Hardware – Distribution Hardware, Insulators, Cutouts, Ground Rods
SATEC – Energy Management & Metering Solutions
Smart Grid Solutions – Fault Circuit Indicators
TransGard Fencing – Free standing humane but effective electric shock fencing that protects your substation from unwanted animals
TSAT Av Sat Com – Satellite Network Solutions for the Utility and Energy Industries
Valquest – Capacitor Control, SCADA & RTUs
WEG – Small and Medium Power Transformers, Cast Coil Transformers
Weidmann – Dissolved Gas Analysis & Gas Monitoring (C&I)
Weschler Instruments – Measurement, Monitoring, and Control Equipment